Thanky Happsgiving

Okay, this is the time on Bloviating Inanities where everyone gives thanks to me. You know you want to. Plus, if that's not incentive enough...right, there was no incentive, but just shut up for a minute. If that's not not incentive enough (better?), I'm close to reaching my 5000th comment. I only need like 50 more. So leave me a 'thanks', a 'Happy Thanksgiving, Bill - it'll be a better holiday knowing you're alive' a 'love your blog' sort of thing, a 'when will you ever shut up? We're kind of getting sick of you now', a 'when are you going to die?', or just have a complimentary drink at the lovely Comments bar!

Or, if you don't want to leave a comment, you can give me a dollar. Whichever you prefer. Your call. Also, I did my 1500th post about four posts ago. I didn't even notice. So you can also congratulate me for that. Also, you should give thanks for me. Remember, I could just stop blogging at any time and then what would you do? That's right - you'd go back to masturbating, you filthy little bastards.

How's that for guilt?

Bloviating Inanities: Like the Catholic Church but without all the Gay priests, child molestation or Crucifixy bling bling!

Happy Thanksgiving!