PBS Snub bites Lewis in the Coccyx

The long running snub of Bill by local PBS gab-fest purveyor Cathy Lewis is beginning to take its toll - this time on Lewis. Foolishly ignoring the gold mine that is the potential of interviewing Mr. Dead Possum in the Butt Busting Pool, this week she tried to fill 30 minutes talking to the guy that started the 'Dollar Tree' discount store chain. What a snooze fest. She's had to tap dance through announcing the call in numbers a couple of times now. What? No callers for the call in program? Who'da thunk it!?!

Oh good grief, I think they're even goading the backstage staff to call in to fill the void! Just knew this was going to happen. you want content, Cathy, you're missing the boat, babe, by not booking Cimino.

But, it's "your call" - you'll be the one twisting in the wind and seating in the glare of the TV lights trying to yap for an hour about stores that sell everything for a buck. When all along, everything that you're missing. The phenomena of Webloggging. Dead critters in the pool. Puss filled sweat ducts in odd places.

But, gahead...yammer away about things for a buck - wine for a buck? In the words of the CEO "It's not that bad"??? Be careful not to cut yourself on that screwcap!