I thought I made it perfectly clear in my SuckWatch Disclaimer yesterday that SuckWatch was not meant to hurt anybody's feelings, it was just meant to tell certain people that they suck, which could be misconstrued as one and the same thing. But disclaimers are impersonal and are barely worth the blog they're written on. And on the day before Thanksgiving - the day before we give thanks for stuff, I'd like to apologize to Silver Blue. He doesn't really suck. I was just kidding, as I am wont to do. Of course, if you had half a fucking brain you would have realized that. Still, I have a tendency to be insensitive on occasion. Again, if you're not a friggin' retard, you'd know that. But sometimes, I do go overboard. If you don't know that by now though, you're most likely a halfwit.

In conclusion, I hope the above apology was enough to rebuild the broken bridge of blogship that we once shared; mend the fence of togetherness and also bring together that which was once together and then was apart for a short period of time. I want Silver Blue to be the basketball and me be the net; he, the casket and I, the grave; he, the lego with the bumpy parts, and I, the lego with the holes in it. I'm talking about togetherness, people! And things that come together, in case you missed all the analogies or whatever those things are called.

In conclusion again, I would like to restore that which was torn asunder. Whatever that means. And further, I will do all it takes to keep this ship from sailing away from the winds of change and into the perfect storm of nitpicking denunciation and vitriolic disparagement. You have my word.

Update: Nevermind. He's already forgiven me so I take back this whole post.

SuckWatch Disclaimer: It is not SuckWatch's intention to hurt any blog's feelings or otherwise make them feel bad. We only wish to point out the suckiness of certain blogs. If this does happen to upset certain blogs, then certain blogs should stop being pussies. The views of SuckWatch do not necessarily represent the views of this blog even though they are one and the same which suggests a certain amount of schizophrenia inherent at Bloviating Inanities. No part of SuckWatch may be used in whole or in part without the express written consent of this blog. Void where prohibited. All offers valid except in California, New York, Wyoming and that state that's pretty close to Guam.

Today's SuckWatch features Silver Blue. First of all that name is gay. In fact any blog name with a color is gay. Except this guy. I think he could kick my ass. He still might be gay though, who knows. Hey, don't ask, don't tell - right, Blackfive? I digress. Not only is the blog name gay, I think the blogger is as well. But you be the judge.

Having a gay sounding name doesn't automatically make a blog suck. What does, is content. And, um, how can I put this nicely? If I had to describe Silver Blue in a word, it would be drivel. Complete and utter drivel. Consider his latest post (I didn't have to look far).

Things are shaping up...slowly. Speaking of which, has anyone purchased "Body Language" by Kylie Mingoue yet? (It's available as import, not in the states until Feb 2004). Her first single is "Slow", so that brought it to mind.

What is he talking about? Who knows.

Wasn't that better than what he wrote? I thought so too. And how about this:

The repair man came and went. Hopefully it will work this time; otherwise it's a more expensive repair.

What's broke? He doesn't say. Maybe he wants you to guess? I know what you're thinking - who fucking cares? And if that wasn't fascinating enough, he concludes with this:

How does one accumulate so much stuff in such a little period of time? Yipes! Back to cleaning for a bit!

How does one write like such a fruit? Who says 'Yipes!' and 'bit'? Sucky gay bloggers - that's who. His one redeeming quality is that he links to me a lot. I find that very interesting. Not that he links me, just me. I find me very interesting. So at least he has that going for him. Aside from that one good quality though, Silver Blue just plain sucks. But, as usual, you be the judge.